The short answer is that any company that finds difficulties to maintain a relationship with his new prospects or its existing customers can benefit from using a CRM system. To get into more specific, there are two groups of companies that often see the most benefit of using CRM.

  1. B2B ( Business-to-business )
  2. B2C ( Business-to-consumer )

B2B companies that typically need to track leads and customers across long sales cycles and through upgrade paths (e.g., a software or service company, Marketing, recruiting firm)

Consider purchasing B2C companies (e.g., Automotive, Hospitality, Education, a jeweler, a landscaping service, Investment advisor, insurance, technology companies, Real estate, Manufacturing, or any other services companies.) 

That having been said, there are a lot of companies who don’t fit the above profiles, but still find value in using a CRM system. Another way to understand whether or not a CRM system can help your business is to think about the challenges that CRM systems aim to solve:

  • Do you have a need for maintaining a central list of information on your leads and customers? Does this information live in many different places?
  • Do your team still face constant duplication of contact information and other details related to the client.
  • Do your customers regularly interacting with multiple people on your team? How does everyone keep track of where the conversation with anyone customer left off?
  • Does your team still find difficulties to manage the day to day activities? which leads to the loss of clients and loss to the company.
  • Do your sales team find difficulties to find the purchase history of customer with just a few clicks.
  • Do your sales team send quotes and invoices and find difficulty to create a Quotation or invoice?. Having a built-in Quote and invoicing tool in CRM that is used daily can really speed up the quality and increase productivity dramatically.
  • Do your team still do manual entry which may lead to loss of an opportunity or customer due to some missing data or was never entered.
  • Do you struggle to understand the productivity of your sales team? Does your sales team follow a structured process?
  • Do you have a renewal AMC business model but you struggle because you don’t have a proper System to manage their “cost to serve”.
  • Do you struggle with making project management work in your organization? Does your Company find difficulties to deliver the project on time due to the unorganized task which leads to delay and loss to the company?.
  • Do your team still relying on spreadsheets for reporting or Data Analysis.

If you answered yes to any one or more of the above questions, chances are your business could benefit from a CRM system.

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