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SuiteCRM Customization

SuiteCRM is the perfect fit. The flexibility, and the powerful workflow module that allows you to automate actions, makes SuiteCRM the best choice for any company or organisation, from small companies, to large and complex multinational organisations.We can help you to adjust SuiteCRM to fit your unique business needs. If you need customization work on your instance of SuiteCRM, please contact us for a quotation.

Why customize SuiteCRM?

Every business is unique – but they all have one thing in common. Everyone wants to build great customer relationships while growing the business.We have developed and implemented powerful business processes using Custom modules and fields inside SuiteCRM.

Customized Dashboard

Suite provides a high level of customization for its user interface, like it’s Dashboards and the Intelligence Panel. These features allow users to get valuable information within the home page or a record view. With the Intelligence Panel, you can display data on the right side of the screen from any data source, internal or external and using a variety of visualization types.Create standardized dashboards for your users. No more having confused users missing out on what they could be doing with Sugar.

Relationships and Related Fields

Relationships create a bidirectional connection between two modules. Record A has a link to record B, and record B has a link to record A. Relate and Flex Relate fields, on the other hand, both create a one-way connection between two modules. Record A has a link to record B, but record B shows no reference to record A.

Relate fields which creates a one-way relationship between two modules.

Other Customization

Some of the other popular Sugar customization that is relevant to most businesses include:

Migration Service
Plugin Development
Plugin Development
Sugar Customization
Sugar Support
Sugar Development

Starting from the understanding your business needs till the implementation of Sugar, we are with you. We are a multi-discipline design studio with an extensive network of the finest talent, allowing us to build the perfect team to respond to your brief.

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