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Sales processes are inter-dependent with various departmental activities. It is very important to have a well-defined flow with effective integration of these activities. Our feature rich sales module helps you streamline your sales activities and achieve revenue targets flawlessly. From generating sales order, quotation, invoices, delivery challan to managing credit limits and periodic sales reports, we cap it all.

Contact & Account Management

Store and retrieve information associated to customer contacts and accounts. Track company-wide communication and information about contacts and accounts.

Opportunity & Pipeline Management

Manage sales opportunities through their lifecycle from lead to order. Track stages, values, and probabilities of close. Manage sales pipelines by individual sales rep, team, region, and company-wide.

Task / Activity Management

Manage and track tasks and activities. Assign due dates and integrate to calendars to manage daily schedules and priorities.

Create Quotations

Easily map contact details, ledger accounts, associated product with VAT, discount, applicable tax details, statutory requirements and payment terms and shipping details with sales CRM. What’s more, you have quotation approval workflow, custom cover letter and create tasks features.

Product & Price List Management

Enter product/part numbers and manage the prices associated with them. Typically functionality allows users to add products and prices to opportunities and quotes if these modules are provided within the same system.

Invoice Management

Creating, managing and archiving invoices are made easy using our invoice feature. Once it’s created you can send it for approval. If there are some changes to be made you can simply edit the invoice to make corrections and send to customers via our sales module in CRM.

Spend more time nurturing customers.
Automate everything else.

Data capture

Always work with the most up-to-date, complete picture of every contact, with automatic email, phone call, chat, and other record capture.

Deal Assignment

Accelerate deals by getting them to the right team member instantly, automatically, as soon as it’s created - via round-robin, deal-load, or other rules.

Email messaging

Nurture contacts with the right message at the right time, with event-based, or time-based drip campaigns and autoresponders email delivery.

Internal notifications

Get notified automatically whenever a contact or deal you follow is updated, or when certain conditions are met like high value deals reaching the closed state.


Never let another conversation or deal slip through the cracks, with automatic reminders to follow up with idle deals, and manual ones on anything you want to follow up on.

Quote Approvals

Accelerate quote approvals with an automated process. Dreamer Technologies detects when an approval is required, notifies the right approvers for the scenario, and simplifies how they approve.


Eliminate the back and forths that come with scheduling meetings. Just share a link to your appointment page to let your contacts book the best time for them, on your calendar.

Record creation & updates

Save time by letting Dreamer Technologies automatically update contacts and deals whenever programmable by a rule.

Reporting & Insights

Dreamer Technologies can automatically build and deliver scheduled pre-built insights or custom reports to employees and managers via email.

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