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Dream Dialler

Dream Dialler is the most advanced software based IP PBX system on the market. Our next generation IP PBX software will seamlessly integrate unified communications and mobility providing the most flexible and scalable communication solution for your business. It is the perfect choice for small, medium or enterprise businesses.

By utilizing the already existing IP network, Dream Dialler provides feature rich and customizable platform that enables you to simplify communication and maximize ROI. In addition to providing seamless customization for admins, our IP PBX software also offers ultimate telephony experience for the end users..

Below is a short listing of the features that Dream Dialler has to offer

Unlimited Extensions

You can create an unlimited number of extensions via the FreePBX control panel.

Completely SIP Based

Unlimited SIP trunk capabilities are included.

Conference Scheduling

Allows users to schedule call conference so that multiple users can get connected in specified timings.

Company Directory

Empowers your customers to find people in your organization easily and connect directly to their extension.

Unlimited IVR’s

Auto Attendants allow you to direct your customers to various parts of your organizations through easy to use push button menus.

Voice Broadcasting Service

Voice broadcasting service to send out automated pre-recorded phone calls to a list of phone numbers in few seconds.(Helpful for promotional offers, reminders, information, or facilitates customer service for consumers)

Soft-Phone Support

You can use software on your personal computer or smart phone and receive/make calls through your PBX.

Music On Hold

Play music on hold to callers. Optionally use different classes of music on hold depending on which Queue a caller is in.

Voicemail Config

Simply log into your voicemail and walk through recording your greetings.

Voicemail to email

Receive you voicemail messages in your email box and play them over your computer speakers.

Automatic Backup

Backup your PBX automatically every night. If something goes wrong we can have you up in running from a backup in a matter of hours.

Call Flow Control

Call Flow Control makes it easy to take control of your business hours. Need to open early or stay late? Simply press a button to keep calls flowing in. Need to leave early? Press the Call Flow Control Toggle on your phone and route all calls to your closed IVR or voicemail.

Benefits of Dream Dialler

DreamDialler is advance application server for real-time communication, WebRTC, telecommunications, video and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Calling Queues (ACD)
Call Conference ( Audio + Video)
Music on Hold
Find Me / Follow Me Calling
Secure Communications (SRTP/TLS)
Three-Way Calling Support
Caller ID Support
Do Not Disturb
Call Screening
Call Event Logging
CRM integrations
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Fax to E-mail
Calendar with third party integration
Wake Up Calls
Call Transfer
Call Waiting
Speed Dials
Live Call Monitoring
Mobile twinning
Unlimited extensions
Ring Groups
Voicemail Blasting
Support for Video Calling
Caller Blacklisting
Call History/Call Detail Records
Call Recording
Voicemail to E-mail
Text to Speech
Spy / Barge / Whisper
API Integration

Dream Dialler IP PBX System with customisable software to serve your organisation

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