DreamCRM empowers your sales, support, and marketing teams to collaborate across the entire customer lifecycle for more meaningful, memorable experiences.

Features that make DreamCRM the best CRM for your Business.

  1. Leads, Contact & Account Management
  2. Opportunity & Pipeline Management
  3. Task / Activity Management
  4. Create Quotations
  5. Product & Price List Management
  6. Purchase & Sales Order
  7. Invoice
  8. Project Management
  9. Event Management
  10. Survey
  11. Task Management
  12. Email, WhatsApp, SMS, Calls.
  13. Campaign Management
  14. Marketing ROI Analytics
  15. Case Management
  16. Time and Cost tracking
  17. Contract and AMC Management
  18. RMA and Product Warranty Management
  19. Shipping & Receiving Management
  20. Reporting and analysis
  21. Access from anywhere using DreamCRM MobileApp
  22. API integration

Lead or Inquiry:

Lead is an (unqualified sales prospect) who has shown interest in your product or services. Once a Lead is qualified and converted it will turn into; a Contact once you have established ‘Who’ it is, an Account when you know ‘Where’ they work and an Opportunity once it is known ‘What’ they might buy.

Contact Module:

Contact is an individual who is typically associated with an Account and Opportunity. This module allows you to manage all contacts.

Company/Account Module

Accounts in DreamRM will hold all information specific to a company with that your organization will have a relationship. This module allows you to manage all accounts.


When a business qualifies for a lead, it becomes an opportunity. An opportunity is a potential revenue-generating contact or account. If the business does not nurture contacts or accounts properly, it will lose selling opportunities. Opportunity Management enables businesses to manage and monitor the sales funnel and provides necessary info to complete the sales process.

Quote & Order Module

Used to create, track and issue Quotations to customers. Allows users to create a quote to be provided to a customer that contains at least products, prices, and associated discounts. Order management allows users to process orders that contain products, prices, and associated discounts.

Product & Price List Management

Enter product/part numbers and manage the prices associated with them. Typically functionality allows users to add products and prices to opportunities and quotes if these modules are provided within the same system.

Invoices module

Used to create, track and issue Invoices to customers and track payments received for the invoice.


AMC/Contract Management helps you to manage AMC, get renewal reminders, schedule visits, and maintenance reminders. Get AMC details while creating a support Case.

Cases module

Cases are used to record interactions with customers when they ask for help or advice for the product or services they buy. Cases are issues or problems associated with an account. They may be managed and tracked through their life-cycle using the Cases module.

Projects module

The projects module allows the user to arrange their organization’s projects by tracking the delivery time, cost, number of tasks and allocating resources

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