Feature & Benefits of using AMC module in DreamCRM:

Every service-based industry provides service to their customers to retain them by taking AMC/Contracts. Company charges some percentage of the amount from their customer for the specified products for a fixed period of time and fixed services.

You can manage your AMC service by using DreamCRM in the Contract module, to create a new contract go to Creat. When you select a client the software will automatically populate customer detail from the customer master. You need to select the AMC period, it might be 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc according to the customer’s interest. Specify the AMC start date, software will calculate the end date based on the AMC period. You can manage multiple terms and conditions against the customer in CRM Software.

Contract Module

After AMC Creations, Now enter the product detail which is under AMC, mention the serial no to identify which product is under AMC warranty, and mentioned the product warranty, purchase, and installation date of the product. In the description/notes, you can put the product location or any other details related to the product for your reference. Enter quantity and AMC cost per product. In view of AMC, you can find the number of clients under AMC. Also in the dashboard or through email, SMS, and Whatsapp, you will get the AMC service reminder to provide the service to customers at a given time to keep the customer happy.

Schedule Contract/AMC Service

When you create Contract/AMC periodic service will be automatically created in the software. For eg., you have a contract with one of your customers for 1 year and you agreed that you will give 4 services. So the software will schedule 4 services every 3 months in 1 year. You can see how many services have been scheduled and for which customer. CRM Software will remind you whenever the current date is near the service date. So you can make sure that all services are given to the customer on time.

AMC Agreement

When you add AMC an agreement will be automatically generated against the AMC. This agreement contract is proof of a new AMC for a particular time period. You can add multiple AMC terms and conditions in the master and you can use that while creating AMC. This will help you to maintain different terms and conditions based on client and product.

PMS Visit Scheduling(Free Visit or Service )

PMS stands for (Preventive Maintenance Schedule). All AMC contracts are signed with some free PMS visits for regular maintenance of the product purchased by the customer. In CRM AMC/Contract management software Module will sort the details of all PMS and display the notifications on the dashboard for instant action of service engineers.

AMC Pending Notification

With the help of CRM (AMC Management Software), the service managers can track down those AMC’s which are near expiration within the next 30 days, since they would be highlighted on the home screen Dashboard or we can schedule email automation  to get the notification of Expiry to client and team

Product Details

When you are generating AMC for any product, it is mandated to have the Product Principal’s name, Product warranty, Product purchase, installation dates & Product serial number. AMC management software gives this convenience to after sales support team to make track of all required details in regards to the Product & its principal on one single platform

Machine Site Details

With the help of AMC Management software, the company can easily track the difference between the billing address of the customer & the site address, where the machine has originally been installed.

Industry Verticals

We can implement AMC management software in any kind of industry where they provide service for a particular period. Take an example of a CCTV/IT hardware business, the service provider will give free service after installation for a particular period. After installation, the service provider should have a track of how many services we have to provide and how many are pending, etc. If they are not able to manage this then customers will not be happy at the same time you can not increase the business with existing customers. So the conclusion is wherever there is an agreement concept with customers or any service-based industry can use this software to manage in a systematic way.


AMC management software keeps track of all the information related to a particular annual maintenance contract which is accessible with just one click of a computer Keyboard. It manages all your customer details and their product purchase information. Manage Annual Maintenance Contracts, Preventive Maintenance Contracts, and Complaint Service Calls for any type of product that could have warranty contracts and needs regular servicing.